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Western New York Outdoors
A Parks and Recreation Guide to locations for outdoor adventures in WNY.

Buckhorn Island
State Park in the Town of Grand Island, Erie County.

Western New York Outdoors home


The Buckhorn Island State Park is located at the northern tip of Grand Island and is the largest remaining wetland along the Niagara River.  Take Exit 20 off the I-90 and go left on Long Road.  Make a right on West River Parkway.  Ride along the West Branch of the Niagara River (Chippawa Channel), on your left side, to the entrance.

There is a parking area with bench by the Pumping Station where you can overlook the channel to Navy Island.  It is about a half mile across the river.  Continue and you will cross the I-190, on your left side will be a parking area for the Marsh trail.  Further down East River Road is another parking area after you cross over Woods Creek.  There is a detailed trails map posted here.

The last parking area is a short way further down East River Road and before Baseline Road.  There is a parking area, Welcome Sign and a gate at the trail head that follows along the Tonawanda Channel for about 2 miles.  From here you can hike to the North Grand Island Bridge and beyond to the northern most tip of Grand Island.  Numerous waterfowl are visible along this corridor such as gulls, ducks, herons and the occasional bald eagle.


Buckhorn Island

Aerial west of the North Grand Island Bridge.

Pumping Station

West River Parkway by the Chippawa Channel.


Burnt Ship Creek north of East River Road.

Woods Creek

Parking areas and trail along Tonawanda Channel.


The northernmost tip of Grand Island and Lights in the Niagara River.

Images:  Click on a thumbnail pic to enlarge the image.

Buckhorn Island

State Park entrance sign on West River Parkway.

Navy Island

View across the Chippawa Channel along West River Parkway.

Chippawa Channel

From the parking area by the Pumping Station overlooking the West Branch Niagara River. Navy Island on the left.

Buckhorn Island Marsh

Habitat Restoration Project along Burnt Ship Creek. The sign from the parking area along East River Road.

Woods Creek

Parking area and sign after crossing over bridge on East River Road, left side.

Wildlife Preserve

Welcome to Buckhorn Island State Park sign and detailed map of area.

Woods Creek Trails

The left trail goes over a bridge toward the Marsh. Going straight connects with the Long Trail along the Tonawanda Channel.


New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation sign at the parking area, trail head, before Baseline Road.

No Hunting or Trapping

Gate at the Long Trail head on Monday, March 7th, 2005.

Long Trail

Snow covered path thru the woods in the winter.

Tonawanda Channel

East Branch Niagara River looking toward Cayuga Island.

North Grand Island Bridge

Ice along bank of the East Branch Niagara River.

Frozen Marsh

South of the Long Trail.

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